mercredi 25 juillet 2018

Onco Actu du 25 juillet 2018

1. Biologie

You Don’t Understand Long Noncoding RNAs [In the Pipeline]

3.3 Prévention - Vaccins

U.K. to offer Merck's Gardasil to boys after years of protests [FiercePharma]

Teenage boys to be vaccinated against cancer-causing HPV [The Guardian]

HPV vaccine to be given to boys in England [Gov.UK]

HPV jab will be given to boys, government says [BBC News]

3.8 Prévention - Alimentation

Cauliflower, Kale and Carrots May Lower Breast Cancer Risk [NY Times]

4. Dépistage, diagnostic et pronostic

Breath test could diagnose pancreatic cancer at an earlier stage [Imperial College London]

4.10 Dép., diag. & prono. - FDA, EMA, NICE,...

FDA approves magnetic device system for guiding sentinel lymph node biopsies in certain patients with breast cancer [FDA]

5.10 Traitements - Essais

NIH expands program that conducts large-scale clinical trials in real-world settings [NIH]

5.12 Immunothérapies

Molecular Characterisation of Clinical Responses to Anti-PD-1 Therapy in Metastatic Gastric Cancer [ESMO]

5.12.1 Immunothérapies - partenariats

Bristol-Myers Squibb and Tsinghua University Announce Collaboration to Accelerate Early Research into Potential Therapies for Autoimmune Diseases and Cancer [BMS]

Bristol-Myers Squibb, Tsinghua University pen drug discovery pact [FierceBiotech]

5.12.2 Immunothérapies - CAR-T, thérapies cellulaires

GSK and Adaptimmune complete transition of NY-ESO SPEAR T-cell therapy programme to GSK [GSK]

5.2 Pharma

Can Celgene's latest Revlimid win reverse the company's bad-news streak? [FiercePharma]

Glaxo’s New Research Chief Loves Big Pharma. Now He Has To Fix It [Forbes]

6.1 Observation

Patients with Right-Sided Colon Cancer Have Poorer Survival Rates than Those with Left-Sided Disease [American College of Surgeons]

Fertility treatment doesn't boost overall risk of breast, ovary or uterus cancers [Reuters]

6.7 DMP, Big Data & applis

NIH makes STRIDES to accelerate discoveries in the cloud [NIH]