jeudi 26 avril 2018

Onco Actu du 26 avril 2018

2. Etiologie

Belief in fake causes of cancer is rife [Cancer Research UK]

Fake cancer causes belief 'rife', research suggests [BBC News]

3.1 Prévention - Tabac

There’s No Smoking in Disney Films. What About When It Owns Fox? [NY Times]

3.1.1 Prévention - Tabac - e-cigs

Should we recommend e-cigarettes to help smokers quit? [BMJ]

3.4 Chimioprévention

Women with breast cancer risk opting out of tamoxifen therapy [PharmaTimes]

3.8 Prévention - Alimentation

The Case Against: Nutrition Science is Not Up to the Task [BMJ]

4.12 Biopsies liquides

Demystifying Liquid Biopsies [ASH]

4.2 Dép., diag. & prono. - Génome

Large National Sequencing Projects in Europe [ESMO]

5. Traitements

Vitamin C as a treatment for cancer: the evidence so far [Cancer Research UK]

5.10 Traitements - Essais

Number needed to treat – one way to frame harms vs. benefits: An update to our toolkit [HealthNewsReview]

Cancer centers sell out science when they advertise clinical trials as treatment [STAT]

5.12.10 Immunothérapies - Fusions et acquisitions

Juno CEO and Co-founder steps down in wake of Celgene acquisition |Pharmafile]

5.12.6 Immunothérapies - AMM

European Commission Approves Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Opdivo (nivolumab) Four-Week Dosing Schedule for Advanced Melanoma and Previously Treated Renal Cell Carcinoma [BMS]

5.2 Pharma

After mega-round investment, ADC Therapeutics cans PhI trial in HER2 [EndPoints]

5.5 ASCO

New, High-Impact Studies to Be Featured at World’s Largest Clinical Cancer Research Meeting [ASCO] ASCO (général) - Industriels

Genmab Announces Data to be Presented at 2018 ASCO Annual Meeting [Genmab]

6. Lutte contre les cancers

A Lifesaving Pump for Cancer Patients Is Being Phased Out [NY Times]

6.1 Observation

Most lung and bowel cancers being diagnosed too late, data shows [The Guardian]

6.10 Politiques

France’s science minister says she’s putting research at the centre of Macron’s government [Nature]

6.7.1 IA/bioinformatique

With €1.5 billion for artificial intelligence research, Europe pins hopes on ethics [Science]

6.7.2 Applis

Collaborating with patients to provide online access to health records [BMJ]