lundi 30 janvier 2017

Onco Actu du 30 janvier 2017

2.11 Etiologie - Alimentation

How burnt toast and roast potatoes became linked to cancer [The Guardian]

4.2 Dép., diag. & prono. - Génome

How breast cancer and the BRCA gene brought us the sister we never knew [The Guardian]

5.10 Traitements - Essais

How Not to Do It: Dosing Volunteers [In the Pipeline]

5.12.2 Immunothérapies - CAR-T

Novartis Signals Growing Ambitions for CAR-T Cancer Treatments [Bloomberg]

Engineered immune cell treatment for childhood leukaemia may be a step closer [Cancer Research UK]

5.12.3 Immunothérapies-combinaisons

Paving the Way for Research on Combination Therapies [Cancer Research Catalyst]

5.14 ECCO

Breath test could help detect stomach and oesophageal cancers [ECCO]

Diabetes or its rapid deterioration can be an early warning sign for pancreatic cancer [ECCO]

Some early stage breast cancer patients may benefit more from breast conserving therapy than from mastectomy [ECCO]

Experts predict melanoma death rates will fall by 2050, but numbers of deaths will increase unless effective treatments are developed [ECCO]

Breath test could save lives by diagnosing deadly cancers earlier [The Telegraph]

The immunotherapy, pembrolizumab, is active against mucosal melanoma tumours and prolongs survival for patients with bladder cancer [ECCO]

Women treated for precursor of breast cancer can expect to live as long as other women [ECCO]

5.2 Pharma

Big Drug Companies Should Secede From The Pharmaceutical Research And Manufacturers Of America [Forbes]

5.3.4 Traitements - AMM (FDA, EMA)

Celgene Receives Positive CHMP Opinion to Expand REVLIMID® (Lenalidomide) Indication as Monotherapy for the Maintenance Treatment of Patients with Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma (MM) after Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation [Celgene]

EMA Recommends Extension of Indications for Lenalidomide in Multiple Myeloma [ESMO]

5.4 Traitements - Economie

Drug firms ‘put lives of cancer patients at risk’ as out-of-patent prices are inflated [The Guardian]

Europe faces steep price increases for some old cancer drugs [Reuters]

6. Lutte contre les cancers

Depression and Anxiety Tied to Cancer Deaths [NY Times]

6.10.1 Politiques (USA)

Top academics lash out at Trump’s ‘un-American’ immigration ban [STAT]

As Trump worked on his immigration ban, Hillary Clinton showed her support for immigrant cancer researchers [STAT]

Q&A: Michael Eisen bids to be first fly biologist in the U.S. Senate [Science]