jeudi 8 décembre 2016

Onco Actu du 8 décembre 2016

1. Biologie

Fat fuels cancer’s spread in mice [Nature]

3.1.1 Tabac - e-cigs

The surgeon general takes a hard line on e-cigarettes among teens [STAT]

Use of E-Cigarettes by Young People Is Major Concern, Surgeon General Declares [NY Times]

4. Dépistage, diagnostic et pronostic

We need an Overdiagnosis Awareness month [Boston Globe]

4.13 Dép., diag. & prono. - Peau

Most people want to learn about their skin biopsy results online [Reuters]

5. Traitements

Fresh ways to fight cancer [Harvard Gazette]

5.12 Immunothérapies

Cellular Immunotherapy Targets a Common Human Cancer Mutation [NCI]

1 Patient, 7 Tumors and 100 Billion Cells Equal 1 Striking Recovery [NY Times]

5.12.2 Immunothérapies - CAR-T

Sayonara Novartis: Ex-cell therapy chief challenges CAR-T leaders, moves to Carl June’s biotech startup [EndPoints]

5.12.4 Immunothérapies - Essais

Personalized Cancer Vaccine Prevents Leukemia Relapse in Patients [MIT Technology Review]

5.13 WCLC

Durvalumab in Heavily Pretreated EGFR/ALK Wildtype Advanced NSCLC [ESMO]

5.2 Pharma

Out of Ideas? [In the Pipeline]

With new name, new CEO, Cascadian now rolls out a new pivotal plan for lead cancer drug [EndPoints]

5.3 Traitements - FDA, EMA, NICE...

Trump considers naming FDA chief who would radically overhaul the agency [STAT]

In FDA Meetings, "Voice" of the Patient Often Funded by Drug Companies [POGO]

5.4 Traitements - Economie

Trump vows to bring down drug prices, doesn't say how [Reuters]

5.7.1 SABCS-communiqués

ARIAD’s Investigational Medicine Brigatinib Demonstrated 15.6 Month Systemic Median Progression-Free Survival in ALTA Study [Ariad]

5.7.2 SABCS-divers

AbbVie’s phase 2 PARP study misses survival endpoints; hopes rest on bigger phase 3 [Fierce Biotech]

AbbVie’s PARP inhibitor flounders in PhII as rivals surge ahead in late-stage drive [EndPoints]


Adding Veliparib to Chemotherapy Improved Response Rates Among Patients With BRCA-mutant Breast Cancer [AACR]

Extended Letrozole Therapy Showed Limited Benefit in Postmenopausal Women with Early-stage, HR-positive Breast Cancer [AACR]

Adding Everolimus to Fulvestrant Improved Outcomes for Postmenopausal Patients With HR-positive Breast Cancer [AACR]

Genomic Sequencing of Treatment-resistant Metastatic Breast Cancer Reveals Clinically Relevant Genetic Alterations [AACR]

Axillary Lymph Node Dissection Could be Avoided by Certain Early-stage Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy [AACR]

5.8.4 ASH - CAR T

CARs of the Future on Display at ASH 2016 as ZUMA-1 Wows the Crowd [The OBR blog]

6. Lutte contre les cancers

End of life care must be for the whole family not just the dying child, says NICE in new guidance [NICE]

Risks and benefits – what do we patients have a right to know? [The Cancer Blog]

6.1 Observation

US life expectancy declines for first time in 20 years [BBC News]

6.10 Politiques

Plans for £200m NHS England cancer investment announced [Cancer Research UK]

6.10.1 Politiques (USA)

U.S. Senate joins House to pass sweeping new health bill [Reuters]

ASCO Praises Congress for Accelerating the Development and Delivery of Cancer Treatment [ASCO]

The 21st Century Cures Act passes, turning the FDA into a puppet of the pharmaceutical industry [Respectful Insolence]

Sweeping Health Measure, Backed by Obama, Passes Senate [NY Times]

Mammoth US health bill aims to approve drugs faster, but concerns linger [The Guardian]

6.7 DMP, Big Data & applis

Groundbreaking Big Data Platform Can Improve The Quality Of Cancer Care [Bio-IT World]