lundi 5 septembre 2016

Onco Actu du 5 septembre 2016

3.1.1 Tabac - e-cigs

Tobacco Industry Works to Block Rules on E-Cigarettes [NY Times]

3.3 Prévention - Vaccins

HPV infection rates plummet after vaccine with China the next frontier [The Guardian]

4.2 Dép., diag. & prono. - Génome

Considering stakeholders in policy around secondary findings in genomics [Bill of Health]

5.10 Traitements - Essais

Lung cancer patients whose tumour has spread to the brain could be spared radiotherapy [Cancer Research UK]

Brain radiotherapy 'no benefit' for lung cancer spread [BBC News]

5.12 Immunothérapies

Bristol's Cancer Lead Looks Shakier [Bloomberg]

5.12.2 Immunothérapies - CAR-T

Novartis’ CAR-T chief Azam is leaving, but pharma giant denies any ‘retreat’ is underway [Endpoints News]

6.1 Observation

Modern life is killing our children: Cancer rate in young people up 40 per cent in 16 years [The Telegraph]

6.10 Politiques

The science–policy interface [Science]

6.10.1 Politiques (USA)

Clinton seeks federal panel to determine if drug price hikes are justified [STAT]

Clinton's New Drug-Price Plan Only a Good Start [Bloomberg]

Clinton offers plan to curb 'unjustified' price hikes on life-saving drugs [Reuters]

6.6 Publications

Are ‘predatory’ publishers’ days numbered? [STAT]

6.7.1 Bioinformatique

Google and UCLH to develop AI to improve cancer therapies [PHG Foundation]

6.9 Controverses

Hospitals to cut costs by denying surgery to smokers and the obese [The Guardian]