vendredi 1 avril 2016

Onco Actu du 1er avril 2016

1. Biologie

New clues identified in childhood cancer syndrome [WUSTL]

Episode 5: Everything you thought you knew about the shape of DNA is wrong [STAT]

Blocking Calcium Transfer [National Cancer Institute]

2. Etiologie

Diabetes drug linked to increased bladder cancer risk [NHS Choices]

Common diabetes drug raises risk of developing cancer [The Telegraph]

2.10 Etiologie - Alcool

Worrying gaps in people’s awareness of alcohol and cancer [Cancer Research UK]

9 in 10 don't link alcohol and cancer [Cancer Research UK]

Public awareness of link between alcohol and cancer 'worryingly low' [The Guardian]

5. Traitements

Making blood vessels ‘leaky’ could help treat children’s brain tumours [Cancer Research UK]

Scientists discover new way to tackle challenging children’s brain tumours [Cancer Research UK]

5.10 Traitements - Essais

‘We thought we were curing people:’ Hope dims as ovarian cancer therapy fails test [STAT]

Researchers Turn to Canine Clinical Trials to Advance Cancer Therapies [JAMA]

5.2 Pharma

Array BioPharma Announces Decision To Discontinue MILO Study In Ovarian Canncer [Array BioPharma]

Immunocore kicks off dose-finding ocular melanoma trial as pivotal study looms into view [FierceBiotech]

5.2.3 Pharma - économie

GSK expands graduated approach to patents and intellectual property to widen access to medicines in the world’s poorest countries [GSK]

Glaxo widening access to its medicines in poor countries [STAT]

GSK to make cancer drugs more accessible in poor countries [Science]

Drugmakers say Japan R&D spending at risk after government forces price cuts [Reuters]

5.3 Traitements - FDA, EMA,...

EMA to Continue Parallel Scientific, HTA Advice Following Successful Pilot [RAPS]

Early dialogue with regulators and HTA bodies [EMA]

5.9 AACR

MINDACT Results Will Be Presented During The AACR Annual Meeting 2016 [EORTC]

6.1 Observation

Longer night fasting tied to reduced breast cancer recurrence [Reuters]

6.3 Associations

Cancer Research UK appoints new Trustee [Cancer Research UK]

6.5 Médecines alternatives

Cancer patients do not need or want suggestions for alternative cancer cures [Respectful Insolence]