vendredi 15 avril 2016

Onco Actu du 15 avril 2016

1. Biologie

Genomic makeup of colorectal cancers predicts immune system ability to fight tumors, study suggests [Dana-Farber Cancer Institute]

2.11 Etiologie - Alimentation

After Years of Debate, FDA Proposes to Withdraw Carbadox from Medicated Swine Feed [FDA Law Blog]

3.1 Tabac

Cigarette Smoking and Prostate Cancer Mortality in Four US States, 1999–2010 [CDC]

Tobacco Use Among Middle and High School Students — United States, 2011–2015 [MMWR-CDC]

E-Cigarette Use by U.S. Teenagers Rose Last Year, Report Says [NY Times]

4. Dépistage, diagnostic et pronostic

It’s Not Cancer: Doctors Reclassify a Thyroid Tumor [NY Times]

5. Traitements

Rerouting Cancer [Caltech]

Toward Precision Therapy for Children with Cancer [National Cancer Institute]

5.10 Traitements - Essais

Patient advocates urge action on clinical trials reporting [STAT]

5.12 Immunothérapies

Gene editing could stop cancer cells escaping the immune system [Cancer Research UK]

Gene-editing Tool Can Improve Efficacy of Adoptive T-cell Immunotherapy [AACR]

Gene editing 'boosts' cancer-killing cells [BBC News]

Sleeping immune cells in tumours can be 'woken up' to fight cancer [The Telegraph]

5.12.3 Immunothérapies-combinaisons

T cell compatible cancer chemotherapy synergizes with cancer adjuvant vaccine [NIHilist's Immunology]

Immuno-Oncology Combinations [Citeline]

5.2 Pharma

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Accepts for Priority Review Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Supplemental Biologics License Application for Opdivo® (nivolumab) for the Treatment of Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma Patients [BMS]

5.3 Traitements - FDA, EMA,...

Promoting high-quality clinical research to develop more and better medicines for children [EMA]

5.3.4 Traitements - AMM (FDA, EMA)

EC approves Opdivo in NSCLC and advanced kidney cancer [European Pharmaceutical Review]

5.6.4 ESMO - Poumon

ELCC 2016 Press Release: Osimertinib Given as First-line Treatment May Alter Biology of EGFR-Mutated Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer [ESMO]

Osimertinib wows European Lung 2016 [Biotech Strategy Blog]

ELCC 2016 Press Release: Immunotherapy With Live Bacterium Improves Response Rate in Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma [ESMO]

ELCC 2016 News: Possibility of Overtreatment Linked to Clinically-Diagnosed Early-Stage Lung Cancer [ESMO]

ELCC 2016 Press Release: Patients with EGFR Expressing Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Benefit Most from Necitumumab Added to Chemotherapy [ESMO]

ELCC 2016 News: Elderly Patients with Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Should Not Be Excluded from Extended Pleurectomy Decortication [ESMO]

ELCC 2016 Press Release: Studies Confirm Benefit of Plasma Genotyping to Predict Treatment Benefit in Patients with Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer [ESMO]

5.9 AACR

Juno Therapeutics Announces Data Presentations at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting [Juno Therapeutics]

Caris Life Sciences to Present Key Research Findings at the American Association for Cancer Research 2016 Annual Meeting [Caris Life Sciences]

6. Lutte contre les cancers

ESMO Welcomes Final Version of European Data Protection Regulation [ESMO]

6.1 Observation

62 day waiting time target missed again in England [Cancer Research UK]

6.10 Politiques

Brazil president signs law legalizing renegade cancer pill [Science]

6.11 Patients

Cancer drug labels rarely reflect patient experiences [Reuters]

6.3 Associations

Cancer Research UK shortlists teams for £20m Grand Challenge to tackle cancer’s toughest problems [Cancer Research UK]

6.6 Publications

Why our peer review system is a toothless watchdog [STAT]

Biology Papers Are Currency [Mike the Mad Biologist]