vendredi 11 mars 2016

Onco Actu du 11 mars 2016

1. Biologie

Connecting The Dots: Cancer-causing Gene Also Helps Tumors Dodge Immune System [Scope Blog]

3.1 Tabac

Parliament panel urges smaller health warning on cigarette packs - report [Reuters]

California lawmakers vote to raise smoking age to 21 [Reuters]

4.9 Dép., diag. & prono. - Sein

EBCC-10 NEWS: Five-year results show 21-gene test successfully identifies early breast cancer patients who can be spared chemotherapy [ECCO]

5. Traitements

EBCC-10 NEWS: Chemotherapy every two weeks for premenopausal breast cancer patients improves survival and does not increase risk of early menopause [ECCO]

5.10 Traitements - Essais

EBCC-10 NEWS: Combination of lapatinib and trastuzumab shrinks HER2 positive breast cancer significantly in 11 days after diagnosis [ECCO]

Drug combination shrinks HER2 positive breast cancers within 11 days [Cancer Research UK]

Breast cancer study finds drug combination that gives 'astonishing' results [The Guardian]

Breast cancer tumours killed in 11 days with 'staggering' new therapy [The Telegraph]

5.12 Immunothérapies

Can We Treat Colorectal Cancer With Immunotherapy? [CANCER RESEARCH Catalyst]

5.4 Traitements - Economie

This drug is defying a rare form of leukemia — and it keeps getting pricier [Washington Post]

6. Lutte contre les cancers

Cancer Care in Low-Resource Areas: Cancer Prevention and Early Detection: Workshop Summary [The National Academies Press]

6.1 Observation

EBCC-10 NEWS: Does ethnicity affect breast cancer biology? [ECCO]

Men with breast cancer being failed as they are 'treated like women' [The Telegraph]

6.10 Politiques

Groups Scrutinize White House Plan to Cut Drug Costs in Medicare [NY Times]

6.11 Patients

Well: Living With Cancer: Being Erased [NY Times]

6.6 Publications

Cancer clinical trials: In defense of the negative result [Fred Hutch]

Web widget nudges scientists to share their data [Nature News & Comment]

6.7.2 Applis

Things are looking app [The Economist]