lundi 16 novembre 2015

Onco Actu du 16 novembre 2015

1. Biologie

Enormous genetic variation may shield tumors from treatment [The University of Chicago Medicine]

Researchers develop molecular target for brain cancer [Stanford Scope Blog]

2.11 Etiologie - Alimentation

Crunchy toast could give you cancer, FSA warns [The Telegraph]

2.6 Etiologie - Environnement

Debate rages over herbicide's cancer risk [Nature News & Comment]

Popular herbicide doesn’t cause cancer, European Union agency says [Science]

European scientists say weedkiller glyphosate unlikely to cause cancer [Reuters]

Environmental factors may contribute to the development of some childhood cancers [ecancer - News]

2.7 Etiologie - Obésité

Obesity rates up for adults, steady for children [STAT]

2.8 Etiologie - Contraceptifs, THS

Women with symptoms of menopause should not suffer in silence [NICE]

HRT could benefit one million women, says NHS menopause guidance [The Guardian]

New NHS advice means number of women on HRT 'could double' [The Telegraph]

Leading HRT experts not consulted over NHS menopause guidance [The Guardian]

4. Dépistage, diagnostic et pronostic

New "tricorder" technology might be able to "hear" tumors growing [Stanford News]

4.1 Dép., diag. & prono. - Prostate

Prostate cancer blood test could more accurately spot men who need a biopsy [Cancer Research UK]

4.12 Biopsies liquides

Liquid biopsy of cerebrospinal fluid for less invasive, more effective ´policing´ of brain tumors [Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology]

4.13 Dép., diag. & prono. - Peau

More research needed on promising skin cancer tests says NICE in guidance [NICE]

4.5 Dép., diag. & prono. - Colorectal

Choice in colon cancer screening linked to more regular testing [Reuters]

4.9 Dép., diag. & prono. - Sein

Blood test detects when hormone treatment for breast cancer stops working [The Institute of Cancer Research]

Women panic less when abnormal breast cells are not called cancer [Reuters]

An Online Tool Helps Women Sort Out The Mammogram Question [NPR]

ATEC system for vacuum-assisted breast biopsy [NICE]

5. Traitements

Study reveals why chemotherapy may be compromised in patients with pancreatic cancer [MD Anderson Cancer]

Combining antiangiogenesis with radiation therapy may improve treatment of NF2-associated tumors [Massachusetts General Hospital]

Brain tumor breached with ultrasound in medical first [STAT]

First-in-class Investigational Therapeutic Shows Early Promise for Lymphoma Patients [AACR]

5.10 Traitements - Essais

Sorafenib modestly increases progression-free survival but not overall survival in NSCLC patients who failed previous therapies [IASLC]

5.12 Immunothérapies

Immunologist Jim Allison on cancer immune therapy [STAT]

Gut commensal Bifidobacterium promotes anti-cancer efficacy of anti-PD-L1 immunotherapy. Part II [NIHilist's Immunology]

5.2 Pharma

Bristol-Myers Squibb to Present New Data for Opdivo (nivolumab) in Advanced Melanoma, as Monotherapy and in Combination with Yervoy (ipilimumab), at the Society for Melanoma Research 2015 International Congress [BMS]

MiRagen Lands $41M for MicroRNA Drugs in Cancer, Fibrosis [Xconomy]

Idea Behind Warp Drive's New Cancer Attack Was Hiding In Plain Sight [Xconomy]

Boehringer Ingelheim will invest 11 billion euros in Research and Development in the next five years to accelerate the discovery of next generation medical breakthroughs [Boehringer Ingelheim]

5.3 Traitements - FDA, EMA,...

AbbVie Submits IMBRUVICA® (ibrutinib) Phase III Combination Data to U.S. FDA [AbbVie]

Drug makers need to disclose more clinical trial data [STAT]

5.3.4 Traitements - AMM (FDA, EMA)

FDA approves new pill to treat certain patients with non-small cell lung cancer [FDA]

TAGRISSO™ (AZD9291) approved by the US FDA for patients with EGFR T790M mutation-positive metastatic non-small cell lung cancer [AstraZeneca]

FDA approves Roche's Cotellic for combination skin cancer therapy [Reuters]

Genentech, Exelixis win FDA OK to market cobimetinib combo for skin cancer [FierceBiotech]

FDA approves Cotellic as part of combination treatment for advanced melanoma [FDA]

FDA approves Roche’s Cotellic (cobimetinib) in combination with Zelboraf (vemurafenib) in advanced melanoma [Roche]

AstraZeneca lung cancer drug given green light in US [The Guardian]

U.S. approves AstraZeneca's potential $3 billion lung cancer pill [Reuters]

6. Lutte contre les cancers

A Holistic Approach to Cancer Health Disparities [CANCER RESEARCH Catalyst]

6.1 Observation

Mouth cancer rates are increasing, but why? [Cancer Research UK]

Unacceptable cancer waiting times are testing patients’ patience [Cancer Research UK]

6.10 Politiques

European Commission names seven researchers as its top science advisers [Nature News & Comment]

6.4 Médico-éco

Preventable Colon Cancer Deaths Cost The Economy $6.4 Billion [NPR]

6.5 Médecines alternatives

This Book Won’t Cure Your Cancer, But It Will Help You Think More Clearly About It [Science-Based Medicine]

6.9 Controverses

ORI's Deal with Potti Doesn't Address The Role Duke Deans Played in Scandal [The Cancer Letter]