jeudi 1 octobre 2015

Onco Actu du 1er octobre 2015

1. Biologie

Human Genome Project: Twenty-five years of big biology [Nature News & Comment]

3.1 Tabac

Could making cigarettes less addictive help people stop smoking? [Cancer Research UK]

How to “nudge” smokers to reduce tobacco use? [Now@NEJM]

Car smoking ban comes into force [BBC News]

UK e-cigarette firm fights EU vaping laws in European court [The Guardian]

Low-nicotine cigarettes may reduce smoking, encourage quitting [Reuters]

4.12 Biopsies liquides

A Blood Test for Early Cancer Detection Sparks Debate [Wall Street Journal]

4.2 Dép., diag. & prono. - Génome

Progress in mainstreaming genomics into clinical practice [PHG Foundation]

5. Traitements

Scientists discover how to trap cancer cells before they spread [Cancer Research UK]

5.2.3 Pharma - économie

Execs behind Imbruvica raise $75M for a new cancer project [FierceBiotech]

With $55M, Neon Wants To Make the Cancer Vaccine "Problem" Personal [Xconomy]

Cancer Vaccines Make a Comeback, as Third Rock Pumps $55M into Neon Therapeutics [Forbes]

5.3 Traitements - FDA, EMA,...

Racing AstraZeneca, Clovis gets a speedy FDA review for its lung cancer drug [FierceBiotech]

5.4 Traitements - Economie

UK launch for Roche's Perjeta in early breast cancer [NICE]

Cancer Drugs Aren't As Cost-Effective As They Used To Be [Forbes]

Drug Price Demagoguery Could Hurt Patients [Forbes]

Health secretary urged to tear up patent on breast cancer drug [The Guardian]

6.1 Observation

Doctors ‘need help’ with increasing number of cancer patients [Cancer Research UK]

Cancer survivor clinics linked to fewer emergency room visits [Reuters]

6.4 Médico-éco

What is the cost of lung cancer in Germany? [AlphaGalileo]

6.6 Publications

Open vs Blinded Peer-Review [Science-Based Medicine]

6.8 Communication

Pfizer Partners with Breast Cancer Leaders to Chronicle the Lives of Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer through the Lenses of Prominent Photographers [Pfizer]

6.9 Controverses

Academic Medical Leaders as Directors of For-Profit Health Care Corporations: the Prevalence of This "New Species" of Conflict of Interest Documented in the BMJ [Health Care Renewal]