vendredi 18 septembre 2015

Onco Actu du 18 septembre 2015

1. Biologie

Cancer genes control the way cells get fat [The Institute of Cancer Research]

IRB Barcelona identifies the gene responsible for metastasis of breast cancer to the bone [IRB Barcelona]

2. Etiologie

Large analysis supports possible link between obesity and rare brain tumour [Cancer Research UK]

2.10 Etiologie - Alcool

Drinking alcohol lowers heart attack risk, but increases cancer chance [The Guardian]

2.5 Etiologie - Gènes

Mass. General study identifies genomic differences between breast cancers of African American and white women [Massachusetts General Hospital]

2.6 Etiologie - Environnement

'Samsung is to blame' for cancers [Center for Public Integrity]

3.6 Prévention - Activité physique

Healthier lifestyles 'could cut cancer cases by a third' [BBC News]

4.12 Biopsies liquides

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Illumina Launch Comprehensive Circulating Tumor DNA Program [Illumina]

5. Traitements

Scientists discover how cells overpower cancer drug [Cancer Research UK]

Use of personalized cancer drugs runs ahead of the science [Nature News & Comment]

5.12 Immunothérapies

One Biotech CEO's Plan To Slash The Cost Of Cancer Immunotherapy [Forbes]

Expert Opinion – Professor Peter Johnson on cancer immunotherapy [Cancer Research UK]

5.2 Pharma

Advaxis therapy improves survival rates in cervical cancer patients [Reuters]

5.2.1 Pharma - Partenariats

Third Rock's Nurix inks a $150M immuno-oncology pact with Celgene [FierceBiotech]

5.3 Traitements - FDA, EMA,...

Robert Califf Could Transform The FDA -- The Right Way [Forbes]

Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Opdivo (nivolumab) Receives Breakthrough Therapy Designation from U.S. Food and Drug Administration for Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma [BMS]

5.4 Traitements - Economie

NICE publishes final draft guidance on nab-paclitaxel (Abraxane) for pancreatic cancer [NICE]

Report: Cancer drug spending fuels large increases in Medicare discount drug program [FiercePharma]

NICE rejects Farydak for multiple myeloma [Pharmafile]

Pancreatic cancer patients denied life-extending drug by spending watchdog [The Telegraph]

NHS failed to collect data on cancer treatment outcome [The Guardian]

5.6 ESMO

Goodbye or arrivederci? [Cancer World]

5.9 AACR

New Method of Immunotherapy Delivery Lowers Pain in Children With High-risk Neuroblastoma [AACR]

CAR T-Cell Therapy Trial Yields Early Promise for Lymphoma and Leukemia Patients [AACR]

Pembrolizumab Treatment Causes Immune Cells in Blood to Gain Characteristics of Reinvigoration [AACR]

Small Protein Engineered to Target PD-L1 is More Potent Than Anti-PD-L1 Antibody Immunotherapeutic [AACR]

Immune System–boosting Agent CpG-B Reduced Early-stage Melanoma Recurrences

6. Lutte contre les cancers

NIH framework points the way forward for building national, large-scale research cohort, a key component of the President’s Precision Medicine Initiative [NIH]

Denis Lacombe quietly orchestrating the clinical research revolution [Cancer World]

6.1 Observation

Cancer remains leading cause of death among U.S. Hispanics [Reuters]

New data on how patients are diagnosed – what does it tell us? [Cancer Research UK]

Hospitalization rates in chemo trials may be misleading [Reuters]

6.5 Médecines alternatives

Another irresponsible breast cancer alternative cure testimonial [Respectful Insolence]

6.8 Communication

Well: Living With Cancer: Teal Ribbons [NY Times]

6.9 Controverses

Nature changes animal policy after cancer study comes under fire [Science]