mercredi 22 avril 2015

Onco Actu - Spécial AACR 3

5.9 AACR

At NCI, Supporting the Best Science [National Cancer Institute]

AACR 2015: Report from Day 4 [CRI]

5.9.1 AACR - sein

Olaparib–Carboplatin Combination Showed Early Signs of Clinical Activity Against Ovarian and Triple-negative Breast Cancers [AACR]

Olaparib and Investigational PI3K Inhibitor BKM120 Combination Active Against Ovarian and Breast Cancer Subtypes [AACR]

5.9.3 AACR - mélanome

Immunotherapy drug combination shows promise for advanced melanoma patients [Cancer Research UK]

5.9.4 AACR - poumon

ARIAD Announces Results of Preclinical Studies on Brigatinib at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting [ARIAD]

5.9.5 AACR - CAR-T

Juno's CAR-T contender comes through in another Phase I leukemia study [FierceBiotech]

Juno Therapeutics' CAR T Cell Product Candidate JCAR017 Continues to Demonstrate Encouraging Outcomes in Pediatric Patients With Relapsed/Refractory CD19 Positive Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia [Juno Therapeutics]

5.9.6 AACR - prostate

Subgroup of Men With Metastatic Prostate Cancer Responded to Olaparib Treatment [AACR]

Hope for prostate cancer patients with drug meant for women [The Telegraph]

AstraZeneca drug Lynparza shows promise in prostate cancer trial [Reuters]

5.9.7 AACR - divers

New PARP Inhibitor Combo Shows Early Promise for Cancer Patients With and Without BRCA Mutations [AACR]

ImmuneXcite Enlists Body's First Defender for Immune Attack on Cancer [Xconomy]

Metformin Use May Not Improve Pancreatic Cancer Survival [AACR]

HPV Vaccine Provides Protection at Multiple Sites, Even Among Some Previously Exposed [AACR]

Mayo Clinic Researchers Identify Methylated DNA Markers That May One Day Lead To Noninvasive Whole Body Cancer Screening [Mayo Clinic]

Circadian Responses to Chemo [The Scientist]

Vitamin supplements can increase risk of cancer and heart disease [The Guardian]